OTMaster for Windows (Academic FULL)

OTMaster for Windows (Academic FULL)
Brand: Dutch Type Library
Product Code: v6 Windows (single academic full license)

OTMaster for Windows (Academic FULL)

Price: $155.00

DTL OTMaster for Windows: Examine and Fix OpenType Fonts.

Academic license for students & staff (allows full usage)

Discounted for students and staff of accredited educational institutions. Scan/photo and email your student/faculty ID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you submit your order. Your serial number and download link will be sent by separate email after your academic credentials are verified.

Some highlights from this release:

  • Support for Retina displays.
  • Opens AFDKO-made TTC.
  • Opens WOFF fonts (no save/export).
  • Enhanced tool set (functionality) in the Glyph editor.
  • Text viewer can be used for changing character widths and positioning now.
  • Size of tool icons can be modified in the preferences.