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#12365: Spikes or spurs are displayed on paths Issue What causes spikes, spurs, artifacts, drop out and other distortions to occur on paths? Solution 1. Paths are too complex or points are not at extrema. Use Element>Clean Up Paths repetitively until paths begin to be changed. Then use Edit>Undo to back up to the last step which preserves the character shape. 2. There may be broken paths, paths on top of paths, adjacent points,twisted BCP handles. 3. Hinting (usually happens when the character is non-Roman) can cause spikes and this can be isolated by turning hints OFF when generating a test font. 4. Sometimes a particular printer driver can cause spikes. Search the manufacturer's web site for the latest printer driver available. Thickening of characters can occur if the path direction is incorrect. Select Element>Correct Path Direction. 5. Unusual shapes may require adding an additional point (or two) to the problem area. For TrueType fonts, Dropout Prevention may help. This feature is found in the Advanced Generate dialog under the "TrueType Option"s button. 6. If none of the above techniques seem to help, there may be a stray point in the em square of the problem character. Zoom out and inspect the font's outline window inrder to look for loose points.

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