Knowledge Base - Saving a Database Versus Generating a Font

#12326: Saving a database versus generating a font "File>Save" or "Save As," is used for saving a Fontographer DATABASE. The name which is chosen (Example: mydatabase.fog) is ONLY the name of a DATABASE. FONTS are named under Element>Font Info>General (the Mac menu is: Element>Font Info). This is where the font's Family Name, and Style name are entered. Unless this procedure is followed -the font will always be named "Untitled". FONTS are generated under File>Generate Fonts. Notes: Any imported metrics or bitmapped screen fonts will remain in a DATABASE when re-opened. If a FONT is re-opened, everything will have to be re-imported manually. When a DATABASE is re-opened, it will retain the printer font's PostScript ID and the suitcase font's FOND ID.

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Created : 2013-11-05 17:02:20, Last Modified : 2013-11-05 17:03:09