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#12324: Problems with Quote or Apostrophe Characters

Issue The wrong character is displayed when a smart apostrophe (') or quote characters (") are typed.

Reason Smart quotes (also known as curly quotes) are fancy characters which make text look better compared to the straight apostrophe (') and straight quote or inches character (") that reside on the key to the right of the semicolon on the keyboard. This "wrong" character has been placed in one of the slots designated for the curly quotes or apostrophe characters.

Solution Either turn the "Smart Quotes" preference off in the application or do not place incorrect glyphs in these slots.

Issue Quote marks or apostrophes do not display in application software.

Reason The "Smart Quotes" preference has been turned off in the application software.

Solution In the majority of cases, this is solved by turning on the "Smart Quotes" option in the application software. Future conflicts may be avoided by pasting the preferred (straight or curly) type of quotes and apostrophes into all slots where these characters are assigned. Once that has been done, only the desired characters can be displayed, regardless of the settings for the application's preferences. See the appropriate table in the manual to determine which slots contain the characters for a specific encoding vector.

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