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FEA Error Message


Warning Message when generating an Opentype font in Fontographer.

“… feature block seen before any language system statement. You should place language system statements before any feature definition…”


1. An FEA file is a feature file which is created to add Opentype features to a font. Most users who contact tech support ask us why they are getting this message. It follows that they were NOT intending to edit an FEA file. If you were not intending to edit an FEA file then you can safely ignore this message.

2. If you have no intention of editing an FEA file you can prevent this warning from appearing by electing Element >Font Info>Encoding and turning ON the radio button which says, “Do not generate Opentype Layout Code.”

3. If you DO want to edit an FEA file then you may need to compare yours to a working FEA file to determine why you are getting the warning.

Here is a link for a working FEA sample file:

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